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Happy Harvest Reversible Sign

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Turn your home and office into a haunted atmosphere with Adams and Co?s reversible wood-framed sign (Product Number 50298) Halloween decor! This spooky sign displays a message of ?Happy Harvest? on one side and "13 Nights Of Halloween My Ghoul Love Gave To Me, 1 Black Cat 2 Witch Hats 3 Little Monsters 4 Creepy Crawlies 5 Little Pumpkins 6 Cups Spider Cider 7 Bats A flying 8 Scary Skulls 9 Candy Corns 10 Witchy Brooms 11 Ghosts So Frightening 12 Bolts of Lightning 13 Harvest Moons" which can be used for both the Trick-or-Treat and Thanksgiving seasons. It has dimensions of 47? X 16? X 1.5? and uses black, white, grey, and orange color combination to complement the creepy and cute design. From unique seasonal decorations to exquisite traditional ornaments, Adams & Co have everything you need to add life to your home or office.