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We are releasing another batch of our face masks, as everyone has asked us to please make some with our Toot patterns. Now that some of our mask production for the frontline is leveling out, we are able to work in producing some for the general public. The masks we are producing for healthcare workers are a very different scenario from this one and those are being sold AT COST. These consumer masks will help us keep our employees paid while manufacturing masks and gowns for the frontline at cost. We appreciate your support so much! - Talking Out of Turn


FYI About our masks: 

Sizing: Our masks are petite and fit nice and snug. Most of the masks we tried on or found available were really big, so we went with a size that we consider to be "small." Based on the shape of our mask, the measurement for the top of the mask is wider than the bottom of the mask. It helps the mask better fit the shape of your face! 

Material: Made of microfiber, nice and soft. Launders like a dream, machine wash and dry, no problem. 

Material Disclaimer: Due to the worldwide shortage of elastic, we will be electing colors other than the original colors photographed as needed. We are still choosing colors that match and coordinate with each design but please note that the color may vary from the images you have seen here. 

Note: These masks do NOT have a pocket or filter liner. 

RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature of this item, we will NOT be accepting returns or exchanges. 

Patience: We appreciate everyone's patience and kindness during this difficult time.


  • 4" W (bottom) / 5.25" W (top) x 5.25" H
  • Microfiber with elastic ear loops
  • PLEASE NOTE your mask may arrive with mint or peach elastic